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More than 300 different gins and more than 100 agave spirits!

Great Food

You may also enjoy flavorful italian appetisers while drinking.

Indoor Space & Terrace

You can choose between our cozy indoor spaces or the outside terrace.

Private Events

The Gisncal is curently bookable for any private events!


You can park your car nearby, or better yet come without, to drink.

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We offer complimentary wireless internet connection.

The Ginscaldiscover Gin and Mezcal...

We decided to open our second gin bar here in the Netherlands but we wanted to add something more to it . Three years ago we discover a wonderful and intriguing agave spirits called Mezcal...

Probably you are thinking why a Gin & Agave bar? We are gin lovers of course, and we also have another gin bar in Malta: Yard 32 Gin&Tapas Bar.

Three years ago we discover a wonderful and intriguing agave spirits called Mezcal. We literally followed in love with it and with the Agave world, It is a rough and complex distillate that represents the Mexican terroir. Our mission will be to let you know every think about it, to let you taste it and , eventually, to let you be in love with it as well.

You will have the the possibility of enter in the amazing world of Gin and Agave spirits and we will drive you trough this.. The atmosphere here is like being inside an ever-green garden, a magic place, that gives you the possibility of leave outside your concerns and be ready to have an amazing discovering experience.

Ginscal wants to give you only the best choice.. you are going to find here only premium and unusual spirits , but we are sure that you are not going to miss some of the most commercial brands after have tried one from our selection !